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9/12/19 - F-S Alumnus and Wall of Honor Inductee Joseph Cristiano speaks with Students

On Sept. 12, alumnus of the district and Frankfort-Schuyler Wall of Honor Inductee Joseph Cristiano spoke with students regarding his experience at Frankfort-Schuyler and his career success. Cristiano told his story to students in Anthony Reina’s social studies classes.

Having been inducted into the Frankfort-Schuyler Wall of Honor just last year, Cristiano was recognized in the areas of Business and Commerce. As a member of the Frankfort-Schuyler class of 1958, he attended MVCC and SUNY Polytechnic Institute, where he earned degrees in business management. Later, he attended Baldwin Wallace University, where he earned his MBA in the High Honors Program, in the area of system organization.

He spent 23 years with the Sherwin-Williams Paint Company, where he served in several management positions, and in 2003, he founded, and is currently the CEO of the Northern California Entrepreneur Mentoring Group, which has offered pro bono mentoring and business assistance to more than 400 entrepreneurs worldwide.

Cristiano spoke to Reina’s class about his experience at Frankfort-Schuyler, as well as his career success. He also touched on how a good attitude along with great communication skills can create outstanding opportunities for students. Cristiano used examples from his youth at Frankfort-Schuyler, as well as his experiences living and working in multiple cities across the country and abroad.

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