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6/12/19 - Calculus and Precalculus Rocket Day

Mrs. Cucci’s calculus and precalculus classes held their annual Rocket Day on June 12. Students researched aerodynamics and fin design in order to create rockets that would travel a maximum height and distance. The height of the rockets was calculated using mathematics the students had learned throughout the school year.  Students were also tasked with having a raw egg "on board" and designing a structure that would save the egg from cracking upon impact with the ground. This year, a total of five of nine eggs survived their crash landings!

Calculus Rockets2
Calculus Rockets1
Calculus Rockets3
Calculus Rockets4
Calculus Rockets5
Calculus Rockets6
Calculus Rockets7
Calculus Rockets8
Calculus Rockets10
Calculus Rockets9
Calculus Rockets11
Calculus Rockets12
Calculus Rockets13
Calculus Rockets14
Calculus Rockets15
Calculus Rockets17
Calculus Rockets16
Calculus Rockets19
Calculus Rockets20
Calculus Rockets18
Calculus Rockets21