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Homework Tips

Tips for Parents on Homework

Concern: Your child is not bringing home or doing their homework.


  • Set Expectations: Let your child know you EXPECT them to bring home all homework assignments and for assignments to be done COMPLETELY. Review homework policies and grading policies so you all understand teacher’s expectations.  If your child forgets homework at school check to see if the school is open (a lot of times there are practices going on or games and there are custodians there to let you in). I know this is inconvenient but it shows that you will not allow them to get away with forgetting it and that homework is very important to you that you will take the time to help them be successful. 
  • Be Knowledgeable: Check out the homework assignments on-line at our school web page to find out what is due and assigned.  If you are not on-line call the teachers or request a form of communication daily i.e. through your child’s agenda.  If you are on line sign up for Parent Portal—it’s a great method to monitor your child’s progress. Call guidance for the form if you did not register for it in the beginning of the year.
  • Reinforce your Expectations: Give or take away privileges for/from your child.  Use positive reinforcements and praise when they bring home and complete assignments.  Come up with a “homework contract” or chart so that students can see their progress and see that you are tracking them.  When they accomplish the terms of the contract or chart Make Sure You Follow Through on the Reward.  If your child does not follow through and your plan is to provide consequences Follow Through With those as well. It is important they know you are serious and invested in their success. 
  • Plan a Time: Plan a Homework Time.This will differ from family to family.  It may work best for your child to do homework right when they get home, or during the time you are cooking dinner, or after dinner clean up. Also, plan a time to review that their homework is complete and that you follow up on their homework chart and are checking their agendas or homework online web page to see all is done.
  • Call the Teacher! : If you are struggling do not hesitate to call for some back up. Get ideas from the teacher or counselor to help your child be successful in school. We are a team and we all want to see your child succeed!