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Senior Scholarships

Frankfort-Schuyler Scholarship Information

  • All senior students will have the opportunity to be considered and apply for a variety of scholarships that are available through Frankfort-Schuyler Central School (FSCS).
  • All scholarships will be awarded at Graduation in June.
  • Students will automatically be considered for 40 different scholarships offered through FSCS. Frankfort-Schuyler Faculty chooses recipients of these scholarships in the Spring. Students do not need to apply for these scholarship opportunities (this is a new change from previous years). These scholarships are based on a wide variety of criteria including but not limited to: pursuing a 2-year or 4-year college degree, future majors/careers, school/community involvement and any challenges or obstacles students have overcome throughout high school.
  • Students will have the opportunity to apply to additional scholarships sponsored by local families. Applications will be available on Mrs. LaBella's Google Classroom with descriptions of each of the scholarships, criteria for who should apply and directions on how to apply. All applications are reviewed by the family/sponsors. Please pay attention to the deadlines for these applications. They are FIRM and applications are immediately sent to the families once the deadline has passed.
  • There are additional FSCS scholarships that are awarded at graduation. These scholarships may be based solely on averages, regent exam scores, or class rank. Students will automatically receive these scholarships if they meet the criteria.
  • Outside agencies/organizations will also send scholarship opportunities to the school. Mrs. LaBella will post these scholarship opportunities on her google classroom with the information on how to apply. All applications go directly to the outside agencies/organizations.

If students are interested in applying for more scholarships, there are numerous scholarship websites that will find scholarships for you. Some of these websites are:

If you have any questions on scholarships, please contact Mrs. Ruddy at 315-895-7461 or