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College Information


College applications are completed online. Students can go directly to the college's website to find out how to apply. Most colleges use the Common Application. All SUNY Colleges use the Common Application or the SUNY Application. Students should create an account online with one of the application portals so they can begin to complete their college application. Students can save their information a little at a time so that they can work on their applications over a period of time. College Essays are also submitted online through these application sites. Students will complete one essay and then send that application to all the colleges they wish to apply for. Application fees can also be paid online when submitting the application. 

Students should look up the application deadlines for each college as well as any additional information required, ex. Letters of Recommendation from Teachers.

Teachers should be given 4-6 weeks' notice if students are requesting a letter of recommendation. Often our teachers are writing many letters for many seniors in the Fall of each school year, so it is important to give those teacher's time to complete their letters of recommendation :)   

Mrs. Ruddy has access to the Common App and the SUNY App. All transcripts and letters of recommendation are directly uploaded to the online portal so that nothing has to be mailed. Students will need to enter Mrs. Ruddy'ss name and email address when completing their college application so that access can be granted to upload documents. 

Mrs. Ruddy meets with every senior individually in September-October to review the student's post graduation plans and to help review and support the college application process.

Open House

Several colleges have an open house in both the fall and spring. If you need information on when those dates are, please contact Mrs. Ruddy. It is very important for you and your child to visit the schools that you are interested in and/or applying to.